Monday, April 26, 2010

The Eyes Have It

Woke up Sunday morning with a good dose of pink eye. Some of the goo living just south of there must have crawled up a tear duct and gone Saturday night dancing.

Stink eye has to be one of the least appreciated things to wake up with. Your laying in bed slowly rising to consciousness, dwelling on the question of why you can't open your right eye. Depending on what you were doing last night, this state can last quite a while. Eventually however, you must grapple with the issue and reaching up blindly, you encounter - yuck - icky stuff all over the sick eye. It's just not a good way to start the day.

Speaking of "not good" ways to start the day, I have to tell you the antibiotic that I finally got the insurance company to OK (even though I had to pay full price because I haven't hit my deductible) is known as one that Shermanizes your gut, as in it marches through there torching all that gets in its way which means that whatever I eat comes straight out like it was stuffed into a garden hose with the water turned up high. That's how I started today.

It's a good thing I am retired and able to look at this with a sense of humor because otherwise I might do something irrational and make the national news.

Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Snot Funny

My ongoing cold/flu/lung rot saga has taken a dip into slimier territory. I woke up this morning with no voice and a very sore throat. Having already seen my doc for this week (Tuesday for pneumonia symptoms), all it took was a phone call to get a script faxed in.

BUT when I called my pharma, they told me the script wasn't covered by my insurance and it was $120 for seven pills. Back the boat up Barbie.

Back on the horn to the doc (or his people as the case may be) to see if there is an alternative.

This kind of stuff happens to me all the time and it really frosts my nuggies. Even though a particular prescription would be the best treatment for my particular set of conditions, I can't (economically) get it because some bean counter at the insurance company figures out that they can't make as many millions off that particular set up - DENIED.

Why in the world can't the people in this country get their heads around the concept of universal care where physicians can treat their patients the best way they know how. When that question gets put to the masses what comes back is that it is communism and it will cost too much. My current medical insurance is medicare (government run, socialized insurance) and for the most part it is fine. But the Part D prescription coverage was written by some very twisted fucks must have done it in the middle of a peyote induced trance. Nobody in their right mind could have come up with the loopy shit in Part D.

As for costing too much, we already pay more per person as a society than any other civilized country on the planet and there is no proof anywhere that we get better coverage for that particular honor. Plus we pay for all of the uninsured already through emergency rooms and charity hospital coverage.

It's like we can't see the world in front of our faces. This country is in severe denial and apparently celebrating it with tea parties.

All I want is to put my tax dollars to work taking care of me and mine rather than lining the pockets of war contractors around the world.

OK, that's done. I don't feel well and I am crabby.

Monday, April 05, 2010

I is Risen

I am back from the dead - well, not really dead, just kind of hanging out.

We had 21 over for Easter dinner last night. New record in hospitality for the new/old house. Extra leaf in the main table plus two auxiliary tables, used all the plates and silverware kind of meal. We had apricot-glazed ham, grilled orange-glazed salmon, seven layer salad, cheesy potatoes, cornbread casserole, wild rice hot-dish, green beans, bunny cake, and gluten free almond tort. Yum.

This is the birthday season. Risa's was the 28th, mine the 1st, numerous friends and relations celebrating on either side of those dates. Makes me wonder what goes on nine months previous to produce such a batch of BD's.

Marisa gave me a new driver (golf club) as a gift after I complained that I needed more head on my stick so I guess that I will have to play more golf now. Some of the courses are open up here, weeks ahead of the normal schedule. Maybe we will go to a driving range today so I can try the new thing out.

Two old friends of mine came up from the twin cities over the weekend and paid a visit. I was reminded how important friends are and how easy it is to neglect the care and feeding of friends when miles grow between you. These are two guys I used to work with many years ago and we formed a strong friendship that has seen us through the ups and downs of life now for nearly twenty years. We have seen each other raise our children, say farewell to spouses and enter into new relationships. We have taken care of each other when serious health issues intruded into our lives. And recently, we have gone long periods without seeing one another so their visit this weekend was most welcome. I must make a greater effort to reach out to those who matter to me.

My daughter is now back to school after a week here at home. I miss her tremendously especially after a visit. She does not intend to return this summer but stay in Madison and seek work. She has to pay for her apartment in any case and sub-letting sounds like a large hassle. This is a sad thought for me to entertain.

This upcoming week is my son's spring break. We thought about driving up the north shore of Lake Superior for a mini-vacation, but he has to work every night this week meaning that we can only do a day-trip. We invited my mother to go along when we do go and last night Marisa's niece asked to go as well. This will mean a full car for sure. We'll see if it really happens.

Well, enough news from here. I will try to post more often as I see a distinct falling off of activity on many of the blogs I follow. Was this just a fad do you suppose?