Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Too Long Gone

Sorry for the absence - life intrudes. It appears that it has been two weeks (my god) since I last posted and I seek absolution. I have been busy unpacking, repacking, driving between houses, and trying to feel better so that I can restart my chemo drug.

Yesterday I called the Mayo and told them "I feel better." and they said, "Do you want to restart the drug?" and I said "Yes." I suppose that they left the decision to me so that if I croak from a lung infection they can say that it was my choice and hope to avoid a nasty lawsuit should my descendants feel robbed of my presence. So I started again this morning.

The house in Duluth is almost done. We are living in it and moving tons of stuff into the cupboards in the kitchen and hooking up sound systems and computer networks and TV's and stuff. Occasionally I worry about what will happen when the housing inspector comes and finds us merrily living in a house that has not been given a habitation permit. What if he says we have to move out again? I have anxiety dreams which I figure I can blame this on.

Recently the weather gods have been playing cruel tricks on us by sending above freezing weather and rain instead of snow. This gets everyone's hopes up thinking that maybe winter is almost over when I know that winter lasts until June here in Duluth and that just when we think we may see the end of cold and snow we will get dumped on big time and have to wade through big drifts for another three months. On the other hand, we are finding lost construction materials laying all over the yard as the snow melts.

I am also happy to report that the gout has subsided for a while. I can walk without limping and can get my shoes on again. Crocs are my only foot covering option when the gout strikes and they are not a good winter footwear choice. Slush comes in all the holes.

OK, I am going to package up two netflix disks and send them back and then worry about dinner.