Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Extreme Tension

It's almost 8:30 at night here on the set for Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The powerful stadium lights on towers have been set up for another night of fun and games and the natives are restless.

We have a crew of thirty to forty carpenters who have been standing around for a few hours now waiting for something to do. They have come from as far away as the Twin Cities - 150 miles and a couple or three hours of driving to volunteer their time for the cause. Some work for competing companies. There are union and non-union trades working (or at least standing) alongside one another. It's an impressive sight.

We are all waiting to fly the first wall section into place, which will begin an all-night working party that will see all of the walls go up and the roof on before the sun rises again (fingers crossed). Yours truly will be here for the duration.

We are running a little behind schedule because all work stops when Hollywood takes the stage and we couldn't build that into our plans because it is random both in frequency and length of stoppage. We just have to suffer and try to make up time where we can.

It looks to be a beautiful night with a few random clouds and a full moon which should be rising any minute now. The only potential drawback is that it will be chilly, but for those doing manual labor that's not a bad thing. We'll see how it goes.

I have been a denizen of this little tent city that has gone up in a large field surrounding the build site for three days now. So far it has been 12 hour days for me and I am one of the light ones. Some are putting in much longer stints. The danger there of course is that folks can get sloppy after so much sleep deprivation.

News alert: The porta-johns in the spectator area are full and out of toilet paper.

Well, we all have to suffer for our art (or for those hoping to view Ty's rippled abs).

I'll post the view date as soon as I know it.

Ah, I can see the full orange globe of the full moon rising over the trees across the fields. Time for me to go back to work.

That's all for now. TA TA


Blogger lime said...

dang, hope the porto john situation gets taken care of soon or things could get really ugly....

otherwise it sounds like a nice spirit of camaraderie, which is always a good thing.

interestingly another blogger i read from your neck of the woods just shared how work had come to a stop on her place so the builders could come do this EM gig. if you are interested at some point when the insanity is done.

8:58 AM, August 06, 2009  

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