Monday, December 11, 2006

Me Bad

You know, time gets away on me sometimes. I just looked at the date on my last post and said "Ooops." Sorry for not being a more dedicated blogger.

I personally blame it on the season. This time of the year has never been my highpoint and this year is more challenging than ever before. I have an endless, and yet ever growing, list of things I have to buy, wrap, ship, do, make, and otherwise spend my time on. And this year, I am doing it for some people that I would just as soon never see again.

We have a tree for the first time in three years. I caved to the pressure exerted by my son, but made him agree to a compromise that said it has to come down on Christmas day (not because I am that big of a bastard, but because we will be out of town for a few days and I don't want it hanging around turning into a potential candle). It is nicely decorated and I dutifully crawl under it every morning and pour water into the receptacle. So far, I have not over-poured, but this is only because there are not sufficient amounts of presents stacked there yet. It is inevitable that I will spill water, but "bozo's rule" states that that won't happen until christmas eve day when there is the maximum chance of fucking up someones carefully wrapped gift. One year, I wiped out about a third of the presents. That was probably my most popular christmas ever.

My children have been busy little elves, hauling boxes of decorations out and festooning the house with lights, candles, and other holiday do-dads. Whenever they do this, I am amazed at their enthusiasm and energy. It's marvelous, but finite. Exactly how finite becomes evident when it comes time to reverse the process and put everything back in the boxes and return the boxes to their little storage places. All of a sudden, they are no where to be found, or inexplicably, their teachers dropped a quarter's worth of homework on them from out of the blue, or "work called - I gotta go in" is heard as the garage door slams and the sounds of an escaping vehicle fades into the distance. This is why I have a reputation as a grinch. I know this is going to happen, so I morosely watch as my children create hours of future work for me. Shaddap, I know it's cute and I do like the way they get excited, but I have a image to protect.

Speaking of work, I have several loads of laundry in my immediate future, so this will be a short entry. I just wanted to say that I had a CT scan to see if any other "things" were growing inside of me (see "lumps" in previous post). The scan was the same as the previous one which was good news. My onc suggested that the nodes on my upper thighs might be enlarged due to the two recent gout attacks that I experienced in the last couple of months. Sounds good to me as long as we can pull it off. So we will watch and wait.

My SIL's (C's two sisters) still won't talk to me (see Love Letters blog for more swill) which doesn't do anything to make this holiday season any more festive. Sigh.

So, again, sorry for being tardy. I would promise that it would never happen again but my nose would grow. TTFN.



Blogger lime said...

well, i think it's great that your kids get excited about decorating. mine all moaned when i hauled out the chritsmas ornaments, etc. they crapped out on me halfway through the tree. oh well.

very glad that the consensus seems to be blaming 'lumps' on gout. hoping that is further confirmed as time goes by.

11:17 AM, December 11, 2006  
Blogger Crystal said...

So happy to hear you're in remission. You and yours are always in my prayers and I wish you some peace and rebirth this Christmas.

3:04 PM, December 11, 2006  
Blogger Sister Spikey Mace of Desirable Mindfulness said...

Who would have ever thought that gout would be good news???

I didn't put up the tree this year. I have always done it alone; El Rey is only interested in the loot aspect of the season. It's not the putting it up that bugs me; it's the taking it down. Yeah, it's a lot of work, but it also depresses me to see the season end. It really brings me down, so I decided I probably didn't need to do things to exacerbate things this year.

8:07 PM, December 11, 2006  
Blogger Queen of Ass said...

Captain Stinky got semi-excited about our tree. Not enough to actually assist much in putting it UP, though.

3:34 PM, December 12, 2006  
Blogger sherry said...

I get a reprieve from the decos this year... will be at the kiddos this year... Im Grinching too I dont have to drag out OR put away!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME! lol I miss the tree smell tho....
Glad you're hanging in there sweetie!! Stay health~filled...
[damned blogger wont let me sign in under blog name]

9:25 PM, December 13, 2006  

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