Thursday, March 18, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jigity Jig

My east coast exile is over and I am back in the bosom of fly-over land and happy to sleep in my own bed and shit in my own bathroom - the basic comforts of home.

While my time in New York and Brooklyn was fun, I am glad to be back.

The snow is all gone, the temps have been in the 50 to 60 degree range and I am thinking gin and tonic season. Spent today scraping a winter's worth of dirt, grit, and salt off the garage floor. All is not rosy however. Sposed to be in the thirties starting tomorrow and continuing through the weekend. Maybe some snow. I will stay in bed under the covers.

It's time to think about planting things. I want to get some lilac plants in the ground soon and to seed what is now a muddy slope with wild flowers. I already retrieved the rain barrel that blew down the hill and put it back in its summer spot. Now I am just waiting for the buds to push out.

Yesterday, we went down to Park Point (a seven mile long sand spit that separates Lake Superior from the Duluth/Superior harbor) to let the dog run and I wound up tying my jacket around my waist and walking along the beach on the unmelted ice which occasionally collapsed under my weight, shooting water out the sides. It was a spectacular day for this part of the country in the middle of march.

It used to be that the ice pack would still be shoved into the western tip of Lake Superior well into June in a normal year if the wind was out of the north or northeast as was a common occurrence. Someday, Duluth could be a tropical paradise. There would be no one to appreciate it, but it could come to be.

Till then, I enjoy.


Blogger Kristie said...

It's funny how universal that is--the desire for your own bed and your own toilet. That's what I yearned for during this recent Mexico trip.

Glad you're home, and enjoying the weather. My dad was working up the north shore and ended up going golfing yesterday. In March!

4:24 PM, March 20, 2010  
Blogger lime said...

glad you had fun on your east coast visit. but yes, it is good to get back home when the place you visit is so very different. thanks for sharing glimpses of what made each interesting.

7:13 PM, March 28, 2010  
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