Monday, August 10, 2009

The Reveal - Missed

So today was the big theatrical moment - Move That Bus.

I missed it.

Oh, I was there. I arrived about 10 AM to find a bunch of "not much" other than a couple of thousand spectators arriving and milling around. The work crew was mostly hanging back with a relaxed attitude.

The cleaning folks were working frantically, trying to clean around the camera crews filming the hanging of pictures and posing of toys, etc. I mostly was trying to find a place to sit down. As of today, not only my knees were swelling, but my ankles and feet too. What an embarrassment. I really like the way my legs look and now I'm half elephant.

Anyway, I was hanging out near the garage, sitting on a cooler of water bottles when the bus pulls up. Yes, THE bus. Problem is, the cleaning head honcho told me that there was no way the house would be ready at 2 PM - the official time for the MTB maneuver. In fact, she said that we would be lucky to make it by 3 PM.

I might have stayed if it were not for the camera Nazis. These are the guys (always guys) that start yelling at the crowd to do this, or move there, or get lost. Stuff like that.

So there I sat, in the sun, feeling hot and fat legged when some bastard from Texas or southern California started yelling (not at me, but at people like me) to move somewhere, and I said to myself, "Self, why are you going to put up with this?" And Self had no good answer. So, I got up. Walked to the construction trailer. Took off my radio and left.

After all, the challenge was "could we build it" and we did. Nuff said. Done. I didn't need any more Hollywood stuff (ignore what I said the other day). Besides, I needed to be in Rochester (or at least the Twin Cities) by this evening for my Mayo appointment tomorrow.

So I got in the car and had a leisurely, and beautiful drive down through northern Wisconsin to the Twin Cities and my "Other Home" where I mowed the lawn and dug out the mailbox from its burden of junk mail. I even had a couple of pomegranate martinis at a local watering hole where I learned that the "bus" didn't move until 6 PM.

Good thing I didn't wait.


Blogger lime said...

yeesh. i think you made a good choice. even if you were tired, fat-legged and having an appointment the next day being herded by a bunch of hollywood types sounds less than fun.

9:36 AM, August 11, 2009  
Blogger Cheesy said...

Oh man what a disappointment. Sorry you had to leave but martini's win out in my book anytime!

[Haven't you filed a forward from the old digs yet? Sorry the mailman peeking out lol]

7:19 AM, August 14, 2009  

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