Wednesday, May 07, 2008


It's been a busy day around here and I am tired, dog tired, as Mr. Coffey would say. Over the past few days, we have had AP tests, doctor appointments, track practice, and so on.

Today, both kids left for school at the regular time while I went back to bed to contemplate my "to-do" list. All too soon, I had to roll out again and get going. The major item today was to haul everything out of the garage, separate the good from the bad, clean the floor, and stick it back in a rearranged format that will allow me to come along with a rental truck and pack a bunch of it up to take it up north for storage. Thereby making the garage look bigger and neater and much more desirable for a prospective buyer.

It was a piece of work and I am sore from my hair to my toes. It took me all of the morning and part of the afternoon to do it. In the end, I had a full garbage container, a pile that needs hauling to the hazardous waste site, and another pile for the Good Will. The last pile went in my car and I was off.

But when I got there, they didn't want most of it. WTF? Why wouldn't you want two boxes of Halloween lights? Or snow sleds and saucers? Or oily jack stands. I couldn't believe it. Shit, I had to bring most of it back and stick it in my nice clean garage which looks a lot like my old garage again. Shit.

Then, I had to run into the house, change into nicer clothes, and go to school to pick up my daughter, drive down to the big city for her music lesson (I got to go sit in a bar and read my book), then drive across the metro area in rush hour traffic to get her to an awards banquet where she was honored for her youth leadership.

Then we left quickly and drove north and east back to the high school where her true-team track meet was under way. Somewhere along the way we got a phone call from her brother alerting us to the fact that he had just cleared a new personal best height in the pole vault.

After dropping the girl off at the high school so she could change her clothes in the back of her car (don't ask) I rushed home to let the dawg out, feed her and get the mail.

In the mail was a letter informing my daughter that she had been selected for a four-year scholarship by a local community group.

Now, I am sitting in bed, writing this. Tired, dog tired.

Tomorrow I head for the Mayo for a day of excess radiation (CT-scan), sitting, waiting, meeting with the doctor, and more waiting. The point of this visit is to see what the effect of two months of the experimental drug has done to me. I hate these things. You never know what the news will be.

So, I will try to give you an update in a couple of days.



Blogger Kristie said...

Since when did Goodwill get choosy? Sheesh!

Good luck with your appointment tomorrow; I hope you can squeeze in a nap somewhere. Sounds like you need it.

10:35 PM, May 07, 2008  
Blogger lime said...

gees, i'm tuckered reading about it all.

we're all anxious to hear what the news is. good thoughts, energy, prayers all sent your way.

7:04 AM, May 08, 2008  
Blogger Cheesy said...

THAT'S why I go to Goodwil AFTER hours! Just drop the boxes off! Try and get some rest kiddo....

8:14 AM, May 08, 2008  

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