Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Jekyll and Hyde

The theme of this blog is the effect of cancer on one family's life. It came into being because I needed a place where I could put down some of my darker thoughts. I suppose this would be the "hyde" side of this story. The "jekyll" part is laid out on a Caringbridge site that was set up shortly after my wife was diagnosed. The story told there is rated PG-13 for some depressing content, but is still suitable for family and friends to read. It is a means of keeping our extended family in touch.

Because of the nature of the Caringbridge site and its audience, I must be careful what I write there. I generally try to keep it as positive as possible while still being honest. It tells of our trials and tribulations, our victories and our defeats, our funny family stories, and the milestones of our cancerous journey. It does not tell of our sexual loss, of my occasional bouts with depression, or of the constant worry about money (no jobs and constant co-pays).

So, this is my ink pit, my sorry refuge, my cry zone. Cheers.


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