Monday, November 09, 2009


The little dog and I just got back from a 12+K walk along some cross-country ski trails on the eastern edge of the city. This is one of the things I moved back to Duluth for - the amazing availability of parks and trails throughout the city. Go a few blocks in any direction and chances are you will come across a trail dedicated to those who travel on their own two (and four(and a few three's)) legs.

The place we were today is nestled between two rivers that join just before emptying into Lake Superior. The wedge of land containing the trails rises some four hundred feet vertically from its lowest point to its highest. There are hiking trails, groomed ski trails, and snowmobile trails all coexisting as they take the traveler through a series of micro climes, each with its own mix of vegetation.

After finishing our hike, we returned to the car and traveled up the road that marks the western boundary of the park. It is called Seven Bridges Road due to its twisting path that crosses and recrosses Amity Creek on its way up the hill. Eventually, this road links to the eastern terminus of Duluth's Skyline Parkway, a twisty drive that attempts to go from one end of Duluth to the other along the edge of what was once a massive mountain range. The little stretch that we traveled today is also known as Hawk Ridge - so named for both the watchers and the raptors that frequent its crown.

Its a beautiful day here. Not a cloud in the sky and temps in the fifties (bout 14 C for the rest of the world). Perfect for walking.

Having said that, here I am sitting in a dark corner of the house typing on the computer. What I should be doing is trying to move stuff around the garages so that all of the car maintenance stuff is located in the lower garage and all of the camping/skiing stuff is located in the upper. This will involve much moving of things into and out of the station wagon as I drive back and forth from one garage to the next. If I had been thinking (and held the winning lotto ticket) I would have put in an elevator.

Oh well, enough procrastinating. I am off to do it.


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