Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Burying My Nuts

I am feeling the urge to hunker down and get my nest ready for winter. I am busy putting the winter wheels and tires on the White Whale and setting the wine cellar up as a root cellar and second pantry as well. Busy, busy.

There has been a milestone of sorts concerning the unsold southern abode. Someone wants to rent it for six months. Yea!! BUT, they want to take possession on the 25th OF THIS MONTH. This means I have four days to clean out the rest of my junk (and my kids junk), completely clean the house, and leave a day for contingency action. This is going to be interesting.

I leave for the southland on Thursday. Risa will follow on Friday. My son will drive down early Saturday. I will pick a big truck up at 10 AM Saturday and then the party will commence. Anyone who wants to help is welcome. I will provide food and beverages for the volunteers. I have also made plans to hire some muscle (young muscle) to help with the heavy lifting.

Once the truck has loaded, we will caravan north and do the process in reverse. Where we will put it all is an open questions. For those of you located here in dog's country, we would be happy to see you for the unloading party.

This is obviously a hastily put together plan and there will no doubt be wrinkles along the way. We will just have to remain relaxed and free wheeling throughout.

More later.


Blogger lime said...

gads i am so late to the party. i hope the process is going well. although it must be manic i am glad you've found a renter for at least a little while.

as for the previous post...wow! that is just great news and i am sooo glad to hear it. gotta say i'd love to hear the pink nail polish story too, lol.

6:59 PM, November 20, 2009  

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