Monday, July 30, 2007

Mont St. Michel

Dear Readers,

Greetings from Avranches which is a sizable town situated at the confluence of two rivers that empty into the bay that holds the Mont St. Michel, our next destination. This town dates back to pre-Christian times and includes some roman foundations that have been found during other excavations. Long the seat of roman-catholic bishops, there are many stops along the walking tour that show several churches and cathedrals and examples of architecture that display the styles of building that go back over one thousand years.

All of which is very interesting, but to those of us traveling and living in this moment, of more interest is the supermarket where we will buy water and a detailed Michelin map of Brittany, and the post office where we will mail the key of our borrowed Paris flat back to its owner with much thanks.

After breakfast and these errands, we will be off to see Mont St. Michel with the hordes of other tourists, and then on to the B&B owned by an old boss of my brother, Peter, who at one time operated a French restaurant not far from our old house in St. Paul.

So we have a day full of activities, but fortunately one in which we will not have to travel far, so our schedule can be a bit more relaxed that yesterday’s was.

Plus, the weather has cleared and the sun rose in a calm, clear sky. I know because I watched it do so. Both J and I have been up since the pre-dawn hours. It is not uncommon for me to wake at these times, but I usually can go back to sleep, but this morning, I had to watch over a young man who was feeling some gastric distress. I am not sure what the cause of this was, but I hope it has passed. He is sleeping in the bed next to me as I jot this journal down in between waking the girls and going back to fetch them down for breakfast.

Well, time to go. Perhaps I will get time to add to this before I find an internet uplink. If not, then bonjour.


Blogger lime said...

a bientot!

enjoy the tour:)

12:29 AM, July 31, 2007  

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